Spaced Cowboy
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Spaced Cowboy
The World's First and Only Wax-Tipped Cones

Rethink your relationship with papers

Smoke more


Spaced Cowboy pre-roll cones.  Fill them up with your favorite smoking substance, tamp it down with the enclosed plunger, twist the top, light-up - and blast off!

Spaced Cowboys truly provide the most pleasurable and convenient smoking experience. The ready-to-use cones are easy to fill up and are ready to smoke in less than a minute.

Our rolling paper is made from an organic, natural, eco-friendly and well-crafted hemp paper, and the filtered tip of each pre-roll cone is hand-dipped in organic beeswax. The patent-pending application process of adding beeswax to the filter also eliminates wet and sloppy tips—which can be a real buzz-kill when enjoying a smoke with friends. 

There is nothing else on the market quite like Spaced Cowboy cones!



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4/20 4-Pack Special
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4/20 4-Pack Special
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4 Space Cowboy 4-Packs (16 Cones)

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An experience like nothing else
— -The guy on the couch